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Tim C. has been launched to MPC Models International. Tim is a model an actor and keeps himself fit in the gym. Being a stay at home dad is giving him the time to reboot his career. Tim has modeled for JC Penny’s along with other department stores. Tim has been published many times gaining his accreditation. MPC is Looking to launch him even further into both acting and modeling.

Berwin O
Berwin O

Berwin is on is way to the top and he knows it! He has graced many runway shows and has worked with a multitude of fashion designers. Modeling for close two years now, Berwin knows he has to keep himself in fantastic shape for the camera and his career. Berwin works out in the gyn and also enjoys boxing. Former football player, Berwin went on to play basket ball and soccer because that is what he just loves to do. Berwin feels knowing sports can work to his advantage as a model and becoming a well known actor. You have to be well rounded. You never know when a producer will ask someone. “Do you know how to catch a football?

D’Ariaus started with a competition and found his calling. Found out I had talent. Favorite go to movie Jamanji, welcome to the jungle. Kevin Hart is his favorite actor. Hip hop dancer started when he was six. Started working with younger kids and helping them. I want to do the give back thing. Alice in Wonderland was my first play. I had so much fun with that. I really like football and have played for some time. Like to go for a hike and take time to think about things. My favorite producer Tom Hanks. Would love to work with him. I’m looking forward to being famous.

Gabrielle M

Gabrielle has been dancing from an early age. Dancing is her passion. She has been in many dance competitions and loves to perform in front of people. Over the last year modeling came to be another goal for Gabrielle. Gabrielle hopes one day to be able to inspire other new talent as well. Gabrielle is a natural and we see her going far in this business. 

Ian D

At such a young age Ian knew he really wanted to be in this business. Ian did a couple of fashion shows and Ian really feel in love with the business. Ian was recently chosen to do an ad for the Census 2020 in D.C. With  his success in modeling, now acting has started to come into the picture. Ian’s favorite movie is Spider Man. 

Karen M

Karen wanted to join the Navy but that did not pan out for her.. Being from Mexico, Karen had some challenges only knowing Spanish.  Karen thought about modeling because strangers always compliment her how pretty she is. Karen’s goal is to be in Magazines, like Vogue.  She would love to play a female Indiana Jones.


Victor wanted to be an actor since he was 10 years old. Victor was born in Cuba and later came to America. Victor worked hard in Cuba, coming to the United States he had to start all over again. The only thing he fears is what he can’t do. He has been an extra in music videos with Nicki Minaj in Jam and Cardi B in Like it. Victor also got to Work with Cola Black. Victor has been  on many shows, including Bad Boys III as a background guy. Victor is currently working now with Lil’Wayne with his brand new song. He is also in  films on Lifetime and Telemundo. 

Lauren M

At an early age Lauren let her nerves get in the way which stopped her from moving forward. Lauren could not stop thinking about this business and she wanted to get over her fears. Lauren bought a camera and learned how to photograph herself. She started to see results and said “I could do this!” Lauren works on learning how to change her appearance through make up tints. Acting is a passion of hers and she can’t wait to see where her talents will lead her. Lauren is now ready!

Ariadna P

Ariadna is on the cutting edge and has been modeling for about a year. She is now trying her hand in acting. She admires movie actors and wants to perfect her skills. She loves to do different hair styles and make up techniques to change her look. Ariadna knows that is what this business is all about. Ariadna has been working on her singing career, writing her own songs. Her biggest fan is Christina Aguilera. She speaks Spanish and also loves to dance from hip hop to ballet.

Jayla H

Jayla has done a few fashion shows working with extravaganza models for work print. Jayla loves to sing and dance. For fun Jayla’s likes to watch her favorite go to movie is “Descendants.” This is what she’d would love to do. Be a movie star!  Jayla is the ” little Diva.” Loves to act and has a great memory. Jayla wants to be famous!

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