About Us

MPC Models International is a Management Company. MPC is not a school, not
an agent and not your employer.

About MPC Models International: Our Company has received the accredited
company status of an ‘A’ rating for outstanding performance with the Better Business
Bureau. MPC has over 40 years combined experience in the model and talent business
and has quickly climbed the ladder of success, holding the title as the number one
management company in the Nation. MPC has merged with Apple to trail-blaze and
create the first Model Management App.

MPC Models with much consistence, is working with the largest agencies World Wide,
50 States, 69 countries and 300+ Providences.

MPC is not a school, an agency, or your employer. MPC was established nearly two
decades ago with one thing in mind: to help those who really want to get into the
business ‘the right way’. A manager’s job is to find potential talent and help get them
agent and client ready.

Why you want to be signed with MPC: Simple reason – Free management, a direct
link into the business! We are a client and agency based company with a very
innovative concept that certainly differs from all the others. In any business, you have to
think outside the box and MPC certainly does just that. MPC has their own HD studio
and contracts professional photographers, makeup artists, and wardrobe stylists who
have worked in the business for many years. The creative team knows the key secrets
and how to work in the model and talent business. MPC coaches you on the many
different divisions of modeling and the ways of securing a high paying modeling/acting
career. New models need to get noticed, you have to have “that something” that makes
a client or an agent want to sign you. MPC will help you find your signature look and
help you become agent and client ready. Managers can launch you into the business
because they have strong connections with agencies, clients, magazines, department
stores, Golden Globe Awards, EMMYS, GRAMMY and OSCARS etc.

Here is how we work: MPC does not charge any management fees or take any
percentages out of your earnings. MPC’s executives have pulled a team of experts
together and figured out a way for new talent to get into the business without the high
costs of modeling schools and showcases. Our concept does work. Using our
nationwide networking team with over 40 years of experience, we bring you only the
best. MPC staff members will teach you how the business works; from to agent side to
the client side as well as handling your business as a model/actor.

What makes it work: We have accredited staff members, along with our own
photographers and a studio on site. Our facilities were established with two things in mind: developing successful talent and working with producers/directors. Many
producers and directors utilize our facilities to complete print and video projects.

Finding the Right Combination: MPC has carefully selected their staff members who
are accredited and talented individuals with working accounts. Our team knows the
business intricately and has the ability to get you hired.

What Clients and Agencies are looking for: Both clients and agents are looking for
one thing: a money-making professional talent. Models need composite cards (which is
your business card) and a portfolio book (which shows your worth and determines your
income per hour). Actors need headshots (which are your business cards), a resume,
and demo reel (which determines your worth and determines your income per hour).

Gain Accreditation and Knowledge: Like any business, you have to invest in yourself
and treat it like a business. It is not easy getting into the entertainment world. Without a
manager, this process can easily take you years. You have to prove you can handle the
pressure and make the client money.  Be humble and grateful; stay professional. If you
are successful, we are successful.

Matthew McConaughey “Don’t think of the process think of the end result.”