Global Radio


Our staff has been on radio shows through out the country and we always talked about having a talk show to inform the minds how to get into the business. Now we do. From Orlando Florida to Los Angeles California to New York City.

Topics: The plethora of reality shows, about child models (Here Comes Honey Boo Boo to Toddlers and Tiaras).

Our staff has been on such shows as the Jim Bohannon Nationally Syndicated show on over 500 plus stations. Our staff’s shows with Jim are 30 minute shows. ” We love helping new prospect learn about the business.” If you do not know the business you can not work the business.”

Our staff has been on WBZW in Orlando speaking about how to get your child into the modeling business “The Right Way.”

Our staff has also been on Talk of Connecticut. We speak around the United States about “How to avoid scams” to modeling opportunities for children and teens as well as adults. Topics are: What are the proper steps into the modeling and talent business. What are the costs. Modeling schools, modeling searches. Our staff will show you how. With our busy schedule, we always find the time to meet and sit with new-comers. Be prepared not everyone makes the cut!